Counselling provides a confidential, supportive space for you to talk and be heard. It’s a place where you can explore strategies to help cope with difficult and stressful situations and relationships. We have several counsellors working at Bellenden Therapies. You can read about their approaches and experience at each of their pages.

Maria Veiga

Maria’s passion is to help you get in touch with your true self, the self lost in the mist of life stresses, expectations and hurt.

Appointments available Thursday evenings and Saturdays 10am-2pm

Sarah Cavaliere

Sarah specialises in counselling for adults who are finding parenting and family relationships particularly challenging.

Appointments available Monday and Tuesday daytimes

Monika McIntosh

Monika offers child, adolescent and adult psychotherapy, counselling and parenting advice. Her style is integrative and she works with a wide range of issues which you might come across in your personal, family and work life.

Appointments available Monday daytime and evenings & Saturday daytime

Suzy King

Suzy is a qualified, BACP registered counsellor with 12 years’ experience. She first qualified in 2005 with an Advanced Diploma in Counselling from the University of Central Lancashire.

Appointments available Thursday afternoons

Francesca Rogers

Francesca’s goal is to create a place where you feel comfortable enough to start exploring the difficult or unwanted feelings in your life, whatever your situation, and start to place value on this time that is dedicated to you.

Appointments available Friday mornings

Steph Pilcher

Steph takes the time to work with you and follow your lead as the client, ensuring you maintain autonomy throughout the process. Through listening and reflection, you can take steps towards change.

Contact Steph for availability

Kate Coffey

Kate is a psychotherapist with a body-orientated approach. In body-oriented psychotherapy, in addition to talking about an issue, it may also be explored through imagery, sensation, impulse and paying attention to how the body communicates.

Appointments available Friday evenings

Annie Broadbent

Annie works in a way that is tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual client. Her core training is in Psychosynthesis, which approaches counselling not by simply trying to mend brokenness, but rather by holding space for what might be trying to emerge through the presenting problem.

Appointments available Wednesdays & Thursdays