Courses and Seminars

Try something new with one of these excellent courses run by our therapists or our partners:

Belly Dancing

Practised regularly, belly dance can help weight loss, tone muscles and improve cardiovascular capacity. Most importantly belly dance can be performed by anyone regardless of their age or body type.

Building Resilience Training

Over 3 core modules, you learn a technique to help you identify unhelpful responses, interrupt them and create more useful ones. Anyone can learn how to use this simple technique until it becomes a skill you can use anywhere, whenever you choose.

Meditation Courses

Michele Nurnberger’s 4 week courses are designed to equip you for home practice of the breath and mantra meditations of Kundalini Yoga. There are a variety of meditations in the discipline, with a range of purposes including improving memory, self healing, countering ‘brain drain’, developing energy for prosperity and finding inner peace and happiness.

Reiki Workshops

Interested in learning about the healing art of Reiki? Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of healing that is accessible for anyone to learn.