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07958 482 089

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First appointment 1.5 hours: £75
Follow on appointments: £55
Book 4 in a row: £175 (payable in advance, no refunds on cancellations)
Supplements at cost price

Kinesiology is a way of using the body’s own intelligence to find out what is required to bring about a state of healing. This could be by physical means, such as massage, reflexology, pressure points. It could be by emotional means, such as visualisation, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, flower essences, essential oils. It could be by chemical means such as  nutritional supplements or rehydration. Whichever method is most appropriate to your situation, systematic Kinesiology offers a holistic approach.

Often used to help with food intolerances, Kinesiology is an ideal way to find out which supplements are best suited to each person.  A Kinesiology consultation can also be used to get to try and determine the root of long standing emotional and physical conditions including phobias, nightmares, mood swings and unexplained physical ailments.

Jane Tilton co-founded Bellenden Therapies in 2006. She is a qualified reflexologist, aromatherapist and kinesiologist of some 25 years’ experience. She trained for over 5 years to obtain a Diploma in Kinesiology.

Appointments with Jane are available on the following dates:

Friday 10 2-5pm
Saturday 11 9am-1pm
Friday 7 2-6pm
Saturday 8 8am-1pm
Friday 6 2-6pm
Saturday 7 10am-2pm
Friday 3 10am-2pm
Saturday 4 9am-3pm
Friday 8 10am-2pm
Saturday 9 9am-1pm
Friday 26 10am-2pm
Saturday 27 9am-3pm