• Reiki is a method of channeling energy from the practitioner into the client.Re-discovered in the early 19th century by Dr Usui, it is an age old method of bringing deep relaxation, clarity and a positive energy into your life.
  • Used in conjunction with other therapies it will enhance their benefits.  Otherwise it can be used as a ‘stand-alone’ treatment, where all conditions can be treated as it is non-invasive.  The treatment is carried out with the patient lying down, fully clothed.  The practitioner will lightly place their hands on your body in a variety of positions.Different sensations affect different people;  warmth, coolness, tingling, states of relaxation or rejuvenation may occur.
  • Reiki is suitable for babies, children, the elderly and animals.
  • Jane Tilton is initiated into the Usui system and is a Level II practitioner.
  • Jane works at Bellenden Therapies on Wednesdays and Fridays. The cost of a Reiki session is £45 for one hour.

Reiki South London Courses at Bellenden

Ever wondered about the healing art of Reiki? Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of healing that is available for everyone to learn and is a wonderful way to increase health, peace and wellbeing. Join Diana Cox for her one day Reiki I & II workshops and learn how Reiki can empower you to find peace, security and wellbeing.

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