• Kinesiology is a way of using the body’s own intelligence to find out what is required to bring about a state of healing.  This could be by physical means, such as massage, reflexology, pressure points.   Or emotional means, such as visualisation, NLP, flower essences, essential oils, sometimes it might need a chemical change such as some nutritional supplements or rehydration.  Whichever method is needed Systematic Kinesiology allows an holistic approach to be taken.
  • Often used to help with food intolerances Kinesiology is an ideal way to find out what sort of supplements and how many a person should be taking at any one time.  A Kinesiology consultation can also be used to get to try and determine the root of long standing emotional and physical conditions including phobias, nightmares, mood swings and unexplained physical ailments.
  • Jane Tilton is a therapist with over 20 years experience, and trained over 5 years to obtain a Diploma in Kinesiology.
  • Jane can be contacted at