Aromatherapy Massage

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Friday plus 2 weekends a month  Treatments provided by Jane Tilton &  Vanessa Afful-Walcott

  • Aromatherapy means using the pure, essential oils of flowers, roots and leaves to promote harmony within the physical, emotional and spiritual body.  When applied in massage these oils are blended with a base oil (such as grapeseed, almond or a blend) to suit the individual at the time of their consultation.  Such blends may be used to facilitate relaxation, aid digestion, help with healing and give relief from stress.  The essential oils may be used in other means, such as blended for the bath, as self massage or as a meditation aid.  All consultations take into account the feelings and wishes of the client at the time of their visit.
  • When used carefully and under guidance of a qualified aromatherapist oils are safe for most children over 1 year and adults.  A full consultation will be taken on the first visit with any contra-indications noted, updates on conditions are requested at subsequent visits.
  • Jane has been practising aromatherapy for some 25 years.  She is a member of the International Federation of Aromatherapists and has been a council member twice.  She has written several articles and contributes to the ‘Aromatherapy Times’ as well as other books and magazines.   She also runs classes on making your own aromatherapy products and baby massage.
  • Vanessa has been a qualified Aromatherapist since 2012 and has been making natural products for over 13 years. A member of the CHP (Complementary Health Professionals Association). Her Aromatherapy work includes Massage & Facials Natural beauty product designed to use at home in between treatments.
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