Nutritional Therapy

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Initial consultation (1 hour): £95
Follow up consultation (45 minutes): £80

Nutritional Therapy is a science-based approach to healthcare which recognises that we are all biochemically unique, and factors such as our diet, genetics, lifestyle, and external environment can all have an effect on our health. Identifying these underlying factors and getting them back into balance can help to restore and maintain optimum health and vitality. As our Nutritional Therapist Debra Whelehan says, food is our fuel, and good nutrition can make the difference between feeling average and feeling fantastic.

Prior to your appointment you will be asked to complete a questionnaire & food diary, giving information about your health, diet and lifestyle. Following an initial consultation Debra will work together with you to create a personalised plan incorporating dietary and lifestyle recommendations, which may include nutritional supplements if appropriate. Biochemical tests to assess digestive function, food intolerances, nutrient deficiencies or hormonal imbalances may also be recommended to help determine the best approach for helping you to achieve your goals.

It was Debra Whelehan’s passion for food and fascination with how it can affect us that led her to become a Nutritional Therapist. She works with a wide range of health conditions, with a particular interest in digestive health, female health and weight management. We really are what we eat. Debra aims is to help clients understand how what they are eating may be contributing to unwanted symptoms such as digestive discomfort, menstrual & menopausal difficulties or low energy.