No Hands Massage (TM)

For a completely different approach to massage why not try the No HandsR Massage?  Developed by Gerry Pyves, after 20 years of clinical practice  this massage provides the support, nurturing, replenishing touch that is ideal to help get back in touch with your body.

This is not an airy fairy massage and although it is termed No Hands there is the deep structural release provided by the practitioners body weight transferred through the arms.  This form of massage works on a holistic basis, the use of music in a nurturing space provides a time of deep relaxation for the mind and body.

A consultation is taken on the first session but all sessions are guided by the client depending on their moods.  Essential oils may be used to provide an extra sense to the total treatment.  Ideally one massage should be taken per week for the first four weeks of treatment and thereafter (at least) once a month to maintain the level of relaxation and mental wellbeing.

  • One off treatment £55
  • Series of 4 treatments – 1 a week for 4 weeks (must all be taken within a time frame of 6 weeks) £100 for 4

Thereafter a standing order may be set up for £40 per month which allows for one massage per month.

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