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Hypnotherapy uses a naturally occurring state of mind that is utilised to treat a variety of emotional and medical problems. It is estimated that 85% of people will readily and positively respond to clinical hypnotherapy, it often succeeds where other more conventional methods of treatment have been slow or unsuccessful at producing desirable results.

Hypnotherapy can prove to be a very relaxing and revealing experience. One of the primary aims is to encourage people to learn self hypnosis techniques, enabling them to help themselves. When carried out by a professionally trained and skilled hypnotherapist the benefits are usually long lasting and often permanent. It is completely safe and natural with no harmful side effects.

We have 2 Hypnotherapists at Bellenden Therapies Simon Pimenta & Caroline Jago

  • Simon Pimenta BSc has worked as a Hypnotherapist, NeuroLinguistic Programming Practitioner and Life Coach since 2006. As well as offering traditional hypnotherapy for smoking cessation, weight loss, confidence, phobias etc, he specialises in working with people experiencing:
  • ME/CFS/Burnout
    Anxiety, Worry and Stress
    Low Self Esteem, Self-Doubt and Self-Hatred
  • Simon is a of the Member of the British Institute of Hypnotherapy
  • To find out more see our Building Resilience Training page  or email him at simon@inspiringchange.co.uk
  • Caroline Jago  is a fully qualified and insured hypnotherapist and coach with a practitioner diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, and NLP Coaching Certificate from London Hypnotherapy Academy; having graduated with the academy’s Rising Star award for outstanding achievement.
  • Using a variety of hypnotherapy techniques, Caroline helps people with emotional and physical issues such as smoking and other unwanted habits, insomnia, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, depression, and chronic pain. She also offers life coaching to provide support and motivation with practical issues such as redundancy, making life changes, weight loss and achieving fitness goals.
  • Caroline also works with children and young people to empower them regarding exam nerves, fears and phobias, and any other issues which may be inhibiting their ability to maximise their potential.
  • As a performing musician, she is especially able to help people to fulful their creative and performance goals. This could be to overcome stage fright, let go of negative limiting beliefs, or to become more focused. With her in-depth understanding of performance anxiety, she can also help those who have a fear of public speaking or presentation nerves. 
  • Caroline’s therapy sessions are always tailored to individual needs, and she aims to resolve issues in as few sessions as possible. (Usually between 3-6, excluding smoking cessation which is a single session) A reduced rate will apply for any advance booking of 6 or more sessions.
  • You can contact Caroline at carolinejago@mail.com or call on 07947 475721 for a no-obligation 15-minute phone consultation.
  • For testimonials and FAQs visit her on her website: www.carolinejago.com