Building Resilience Training

The Building Resilience training course utilises the science explaining how the brain builds connections and how we can use this ability of the brain to become really good at things that are helpful (e.g. feeling calm and confident) or unhelpful (e.g. feeling worried and anxious).

The course is designed to teach people how to use brain training exercises, relaxation techniques and movement to influence your health and life.

Who is it for?
Positive feedback has been received from clients with a variety of issues, including:

  • Severe Tiredness/Fatigue
  • Anxiety, Worry and Stress
  • Low Self Esteem, Self-Doubt and Self-Hatred
  • Insomnia

Over 3 core modules, you learn a technique to help you identify unhelpful responses, interrupt them and create more useful ones.

For example, spotting feelings of anxiety in certain situations and learning how to generate feelings of calm.

Anyone can learn how to use this simple technique until it becomes a skill you can use anywhere, whenever you choose.

Money Back Guarantee  – The first module comes with a money back guarantee. Ask for details.

More Questions?
Do get in touch if you would like to know more and find out if you qualify for a free coaching session.

  • Simon Pimenta BSc has worked as a Hypnotherapist, NeuroLinguistic Programming Practitioner and Life Coach since 2006.
  • He qualified as a Counsellor (4 year course, City University) 1993.
  • He has over 20 years experience helping people improve their lives, building confidence and developing self-esteem, overcoming stress, anxiety, panic attacks and other limitations.
  • He has experience of working with children.

Simon works at Bellenden Therapies at various times. You can email him at or visit

Simon will be running a free talk on Thursday 12th January 7pm-8.30pm showing you techniques you can all use to train the mind to change your brain, based on discoveries in Neuro-Science. The talk will end with a Guided Relaxation Session. Limited space so booking is advisable.